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Wisconsin Lawmakers See Medical Marijuana as Solution to Opioid Crisis

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Opinions regarding marijuana in Wisconsin are shifting. Advisory referendums are in consideration. This holds little weight though, as the referendums are non-binding.

Referendums are used to gauge public opinion, according to Urban Milwaukee. Knowing what voters want in Wisconsin will help lawmakers make proper decisions. Senator Jon Erpenbach and Representative Chris Taylor requested an advisory referendum for legalizing medical marijuana.

The lawmakers discuss University of Michigan data showing a 64-percent decrease in opioid use in states where patients use marijuana to treat chronic pain.

Representative Taylor said, “When facing a growing opioid epidemic in Wisconsin, why on earth would we ignore a viable, commonsense solution that has been shown to dramatically reduce opioid abuse?”

Erpenbach said, “A statewide referendum would provide Governor Walker and legislators across Wisconsin with the support and peace of mind needed to advance this legislation.”

Governor Walker said, “I’m not interested in opening the door towards legalizing marijuana, be it overall or even for medical use, because I think studies show medically there are much more viable alternatives.”

Lawmakers supporting legal medical and recreational marijuana are expected to continue their push in Wisconsin.