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Denver Approves License for America’s First Marijuana Club

Denver Marijuana Clubs

The Coffee Joint has been awarded the first license in the country for a marijuana social club. The club will provide a place where patrons can vape marijuana and consume marijuana-infused edibles.

Patrons must bring their own marijuana because The Coffee Joint is not authorized to sell marijuana products, The Denver Post reports. But the owners of the club are affiliated with a dispensary located next door where people can purchase marijuana.

Within the next couple of weeks, following building and safety inspections, consumption will be permitted inside The Coffee Joint. Yoga, art events and educational events will also be offered at the club.

Co-owner, Rita Tsalyuk said, “Tons of people already came in. We’re offering free coffee and sneak previews.”

Public marijuana use is not permitted in Denver, leaving visitors with only few places for consuming marijuana. The approval of The Coffee Joint and future clubs will give people a safe, legal location to use marijuana.

Additional applications for marijuana social clubs have been submitted. Ashley Kilroy signed the written approval of the license. She also approved a seven-page recommendation by the hearing officer.

Kilroy said, “I routinely look over things like this. And especially seeing that nobody opposed it, it’s something I would issue as a matter of routine.”

The fee to enter The Coffee Joint is expected to be $5. Membership will not be required.

Photo: Flickr/kweez mcG