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Report: 1 in 7 Americans Used Marijuana in 2017

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A report found that 1 in 7 Americans used marijuana in the past year. The report combined those that used marijuana medicinally and/or recreationally.

In recreationally legal states, smoking was the preferred consumption method, but vaping and edibles were also popular, according to Reuters.

The survey included 16,280 American adults. Of those responding, 14.6% said they’d used marijuana within the last year. Within the last 30 days, 8.7% admitted to use. In recreationally legal states, 20% said they’d used in the last year. In illegal states, 12% said they’d consumed marijuana in the last year.

In the report, it displays that younger age groups (18 – 34) are more likely to use marijuana. Overall, smoking was preferred by 55% in younger age groups.