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NFL to Study Marijuana as a Pain Management Option for Players

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The NFL is slowly moving away from its archaic stance on marijuana. The NFL and NFL Players Association (NFLPA) are establishing a committee to determine standards and policies for pain management treatment, which includes studying marijuana as a potential treatment option.

Although the word “marijuana” was tiptoed around, the chief medical officer for the NFL did use the terminology when speaking about the new committee, NBC Sports reported.

Dr. Allen Sills said, “We’re asking our pain management committee to bring us any and all suggestions. We’ll look at marijuana.”

The conversation of offering alternative treatment options comes as dozens of players voiced their concerns about the current treatment practices. Most players are concerned about the way that opioids are “handed out like candy” in locker rooms as well as how many players struggle with opioid dependency and addiction.

Players’ voices are finally being heard and those in charge are finally listening. While it could still be some time before the NFL loosens its policy regarding marijuana, studying its potential as a method of treating pain and injuries is a massive step forward.