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Wisconsin Couple to Create a 4-Acre Hemp Farm Maze

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The owners of Leatherberry Acres are opening a hemp maze to help educate people about hemp. The owners grew 4-acres of hemp. This gives enough space for the couple to create their fun maze.

Maze-goers will learn something about the hemp plant through every twist and turn they take, according to NBC 15 News. So far, the maze’s hemp crop is 4-feet tall. It’s said to be the first hemp maze in the state.

Karalee Leatherberry said, “There’s such a large misconception about what hemp actually is. A lot of focus has been on the CBD Oil. We also want to show people how hemp can be used for so many other products like plastics, paper and fiber.”

The maze will open in August. It will close in September when it will be time to harvest the plants. By then, the plants should be about 6-feet tall.

Karalee said, “We’re excited to teach people about what hemp is rather than the misconception about marijuana.”