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Nationwide Poll: 63% of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

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More than six in ten Americans (63%) endorse adult-use marijuana legalization, according to nationwide polling data from The Marist Institute for Public Opinion and in collaboration with PBS News Hour and National Public Radio (NPR).

Of polled respondents, 63% stated that it is a “good idea” to “legalize marijuana nationwide,” NORML reported. The topic received greater public support than other big policy questions polled, such as increasing the national minimum wage to $15.00 (56% support), creating a “wealth tax” on persons with income above $1 million (62% support), and prohibiting the sale of automatic firearms (57% support).

“As Americans learn more about the successful legalization of marijuana in state after state, their support for the policy at a national level continues to grow,” said NORML Political Director Justin Strekal. “Even House Judiciary Committee members on both sides of the political aisle have concluded that it is time to end the federal prohibition of cannabis.”

The results are similar to other recent nationwide polls which show growing support for cannabis legalization in the U.S: The Axios poll reported 63% support, Gallup was at 66%, Pew at 62%, and the Center for American Progress at 68%.