Tuesday , October 15 2019
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WI Advocates to Fight After Marijuana Oil Bill Causes Stir In Senate

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A bill to allow CBD oil use was abruptly ended during arguments in support of and against the bill. CBD oil was approved for use in Wisconsin in 2014, and has been used to treat severe seizure disorders in kids. Patients have had difficulties obtaining the medication due to prescriptions requiring FDA approval, which is a provision of the bill.

In the final Senate session of the year, a bill that showed marginal support and passed the assembly will have to wait another year to be heard. Advocates have vowed to continue pressing forward to strengthen the proposal, Wisconsin Public Radio reports. The new proposal, would have provided open access to marijuana-based oils without requiring a prescriptions.

It is hard for parents to obtain prescriptions, according to a statement made by Senator Van Wanggard. Those in opposition fear that allowing marijuana oil purchases without a prescription is a gateway to further legalization in the future.

One family commented, regarding the abrupt adjournment of the session, that, “We were watching it live. My husband actually screamed out in anger, with tears in his eyes, ‘Did her death mean nothing?’” The family lost their daughter in 2014 and was unable to obtain CBD oil to treat her disorder.

Some of the opposition argues that more research and testing need to be completed before Wisconsin will legalize marijuana, medical use or otherwise, in any capacity.

Former Representative Michelle Litjens commented that, “I do not understand why some people are unwilling to allow these children who are facing these seizures on a daily basis – why we are not giving them that respite.”

She went on to say that, “This is not a gateway to marijuana. This should have been a really easy vote for them.”

When the Senate reconvenes in its next session, the issue is expected to be pressed again. Those in favor of the bill will continue to work to gain support and build their proposal’s strength.