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Marijuana Legalization Debate Heats Up in Wisconsin

Recreational Marijuana State

Governor Evers seems on board with legalizing marijuana. Several legislators are also on board. A medical marijuana legalization bill has been introduced and, of course, it’s already facing opposition.

Recent polls indicate 83% support for medical marijuana legalization and 59% support for recreational marijuana in Wisconsin, according to the Market Realist.

Following several referendums on election ballots earlier in 2019, lawmakers are listening to what Wisconsin voters want. Only CBD is legal in the state, but Wisconsin’s residents want more.

The debate over legalizing marijuana in any form will not go uncontested in Wisconsin. Some lawmakers think it should be up to the Wisconsin government to determine who can and can’t access medical marijuana.

It’s going to be an interesting time in Wisconsin as the new 2020 legislative session begins. It’s possible that more than one marijuana legalization bill could be introduced.