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Wisconsin’s Hemp Pilot Program to Be Extended

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Wisconsin’s hemp industry is happy that the state expects to expand its hemp pilot program. The current pilot program gives Wisconsin’s hemp farmers more flexibility. The USDA’s regulations are a little stricter.

The hemp pilot program began in 2018, WBAY 2 News noted. This year has been the best for the state’s hemp farmers. The program did have a slow and somewhat rocky start, but has been sailing smoothly in 2020.

President of the Wisconsin Hemp Alliance, Rob Richard, said, “I am concerned that some individuals who are growing may not be able to sell it in the end, because I think some are holding on to their crop from 2019 even, so for me it’s about getting those markets open and getting regulation, unnecessary regulation out of the way.”

The biggest benefit is leniency for “hot crops”. Wisconsin’s law allows up to 0.399% THC whereas the USDA rules state that hemp’s THC concentration cannot exceed 0.3%.

Willian Nething of Hemp 4 Heroes said, “If we were on the federal standards a lot more farmers would have lost a lot more, and it would have been a detriment for the industry not only for the state, but for the agriculture side where people are trying to make money, in this agriculture side of CBD.”

The extension is expected to be in place before the end of this week.