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Lafayette County Bans Marijuana Dispensaries

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The Lafayette Enforcement Committee has approved the banning of marijuana establishments in the county. The county board could not pass an ordinance banning the plant without the Law Enforcement Committee approving of it. It does not matter if medical or recreational marijuana is legalized, it won’t be accessible in Lafayette County.

Residents that need medical marijuana are already voicing their opinions, SW News 4 U reported. One resident says that they are unhappy about being able to use medical marijuana in their own home but not being able to buy it in the county they reside. The committee appears split with some arguing their support for medical marijuana access in the county.

Sheriff Reg Gill said, “If the state approves medical marijuana or completely legalizes it, the ordinance doesn’t mean they can’t have it here, it just means they can’t buy it here. No one can have a shop here. There is nothing that says you can’t buy it in Monroe or elsewhere outside the county but can’t buy it within the county.”

Committee Member John Bartels said, “Medical marijuana is fine if it is prescribed. Recreational marijuana is out, in my mind. I haven’t changed my mind on the situation and never will.”

Committee Member Andy Schilling has the same mindset as Bartels when it comes to marijuana.

Licenses to grow hemp have already been issued in the county. The proposed ordinance states clearly that products containing more than 0.3% THC are illegal to sell.

The ordinance was approved by the committee, so it is headed to the county board. A date for the county board to discuss the ordinance has not been set.