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Wisconsin Lawmakers Finally Take Interest in State’s Marijuana Bill

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A bill to allow medical marijuana oil use for seizures is finally making small steps forward. It stalled in the last session because Senators just couldn’t agree. Measures passed three years ago, providing limited access to marijuana oil, didn’t go far enough.

The legal restrictions remaining in place made it difficult for families of children needing the medicine, according to Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.  Last month, however, Senate Bill 10 did receive a 31 – 1 vote in favor of the proposal.

Sally Schaeffer said, “It’s disappointing that it’s taken three years to get here. But I’m hopeful that this is a start to getting the treatment for people who need and want it.”

Next week, the Wisconsin Assembly will discuss and vote Senate Bill 10. Lydia’s Law was passed in 2014, but the restrictions regarding who qualified are so strict that it leaves many families out. Essentially, the law exists but isn’t useful at all. There is no way to obtain CBD oil in Wisconsin, families have to purchase it via Internet.

Senate Bill 10 would allow families to possess CBD oil for medical conditions approved by a physician. No language to allow CBD oil production within state lines exists.

Some lawmakers believe that full medical marijuana legalization is a ways off still in Wisconsin.

Senator Wanggaard said, “It’ll be a while before we get to anything like medical marijuana.”

Small steps, however, are progress that is providing hope for many families in Wisconsin.