Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Wisconsin Bill Would Legalize Industrial Hemp Cultivation

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Wisconsin lawmakers have introduced House Bill 183 (AB183) to legalize commercial industrial hemp farming. The bipartisan effort has the support of 28 state representatives. If passed, industrial hemp would become an agricultural crop in the State of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture would oversee the regulation of industrial hemp farming, according to Tenth Amendment Center. The Department of Agriculture would be responsible for determining a licensing process. It would also create proper licenses for planting, growing, cultivating, harvesting and processing of industrial hemp.

Hemp would be permitted to be grown for either industrial or research purposes.

The “shall issue” licensing program would be in place. This requires that the state issue a license to those meeting the set requirements.

The importation, sales and retention of hemp seeds would also be allowed. Certified seeds within the state would also be permitted. Seed development is illegal federally, but Wisconsin lawmakers believe that this clause would help procure the state’s industrial hemp market and provide an incentive for more participation.