Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Wisconsin Farm Groups Want Hemp Cultivation Legalized

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Farm groups in Wisconsin support bipartisan bills to legalize industrial hemp cultivation. Federal and state law prohibits THC and its possession, delivery and manufacturing. Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, leaving it non-psychoactive.

Assembly Bill 183 and Senate Bill 119 are moving through the legislative process, according to Urban Milwaukee. If passed, the state would be required to issue licenses to qualifying applicants to cultivate and process industrial hemp containing no more than 0.03-percent THC. A license wouldn’t be required to buy, sell or possess industrial hemp from licensed growers.

If testing proves a crop to be over the threshold of THC, the crop would have to be seized and destroyed.

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and Wisconsin Farmers Union support both bills.

Industrial hemp was a sustainable commodity in Wisconsin until the mid-20th Century.