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Proposal Would Allow Adults to Possession Up to Ounce of Marijuana


A proposal will likely be presented to Stevens Point city officials soon to legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. The proposal applies to adults ages 21 and older. Penalties for possession have already been reduced in the area.

The first change was in October 2014 when up to 5-grams of marijuana was decriminalized for first-time offenders, according to Stevens Point Journal. With that, the fine would be up to $300, but no criminal charges would be incurred. In August 2015 a second change took place to reduce the fine to just $100.

No changes took place in 2016, but discussions were had about potentially decriminalizing possession for charges past the first time. It didn’t get anywhere, but advocates will push for that again.

Advocates now want Stevens Point to allow everyone age 21 and older to possess up to 28-grams with no fine attached. Mary McComb, a city councilmember, will draft the proposal to be introduced. McComb doesn’t think that marijuana users should be treated any differently than alcohol users.

She said, “IN my mind, it’s like punishing people for having a gin and tonic.”

McComb is working with Ben Kollock, a local activist, on the proposal. Kollock has been successful with some reform in city policy. He did work with members successfully on penalty reduction and did partake in discussions attempting to decriminalize possession past a first-offense.