Friday , March 1 2024
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Wisconsin NORML Increases Push to Legalize Marijuana


Wisconsin NORML is pushing for marijuana decriminalization in the southeast portion of the state. Some newly elected officials could help their efforts become reality. Fabi Maldonado is one of those officials and says it’s “a signal of change.”

NORML met with at least three supporting newly elected officials sharing the same views regarding decriminalization, CBS 58 News reports. Senator Van Waangard maintains his vow to oppose marijuana legalization. He maintains his belief that marijuana is a gateway drug.

Maldonado said, “Specifically cannabis reform. And I will be leading the charge here in the city of Racine that we decriminalize and I will be bringing that fire to the county board.”

Marsch said, “It sends a people when people running openly on cannabis legalization and decriminalization win that this is something that the people want.”

Maldonado said, “Mostly I advocated to others. I have used it before and I’m sick and tired of the fake rhetoric where people are like ‘I’ve never seen it! I’ve never smelt it!’ Some over the top stuff and I’m like people, let’s get real for one moment.”