Tuesday , October 15 2019
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Wisconsin Referendum Shows Voter Support for Marijuana Legalization


The voters in Wisconsin have spoken and they want medical and recreational marijuana access. The question posed to voters, in 10 counties and one city, is non-binding, meaning it does not legalize any form of marijuana. Lawmakers wanted to see where its residents stand on legalization.

Voters favor legalization in each area asked, the Green Bay Press Gazette reports. Brown County resident Laura Kiefert said, “I’m delighted that three-fourths of Brown County voters sent a message that that we are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, and want them to move forward to change laws so people who are sick or suffering can use marijuana as medicine.”

Outcomes of Recreational Marijuana Referendums:

  • Dane County : 246,348 for and 64,999 against
  • La Crosse County : 55% approval
  • Milwaukee County: 217,628 for and 93,116 against
  • Rock County: 70% approval

Outcomes of Medical Marijuana Referendums:

  • Brown County: 74% approval
  • Clark County: 7,674 for and 3,673 against
  • Forest County: 3,090 for and 824 against
  • Kenosha County: 59,638 for and 7,753 against
  • Langlade County: 7,061 for and 2,071 against
  • Lincoln County: 10,612 for and 2,517 against
  • Marathon County: 49,137 for and 11,115 against
  • Marquette County: 5,019 for and 1,462 against
  • Portage County: 19,527 for and 3,867 against
  • Sauk County: 22,684 for and 5,673 against
  • City of Waukesha: 23,731 for and 7,243 against

Multiple Question Results:

  • Eau Claire County: Voters support medical and recreational legalization. Tax revenue should be used for infrastructure, healthcare and education
  • Racine County: Voters support recreational and medical legalization. They also support proper taxation of marijuana
  • City of Racine: Voters support recreational and medical marijuana legalization. Voters also support proper taxation and decriminalization of marijuana.

It is not known if any state lawmakers will take up marijuana legislation in the upcoming legislative session.