Saturday , May 25 2019
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Milwaukee County District Attorney Supports Marijuana Legalization


The Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm voiced is support of full marijuana legalization. He indicated that proper regulations and implementation practices would have to be in place.

Chisholm hopes to hold a one-day event in Milwaukee to see how other states have implemented legalization, Urban Milwaukee notes. He wants other states to come in and discuss their hardships with legalization as well as what they’ve learned. Chisholm needs to obtain the funding to hold the event but he wants to know everything other states have experienced.

Chisholm said, “Let’s come up with the best legal framework for allowing people to possess marijuana much as they do alcohol and tobacco.”

Wisconsin was a hotbed for marijuana referendums in November 2018 elections. In Milwaukee County, support for recreational marijuana legalization was seen in every municipality.

Chisholm vowed to continue to use alternative prosecution solutions when it comes to marijuana offenses, providing that they are low-level crimes. The office will continue to suggest diversion programs and defaulting some low-level crimes to a municipal ticket rather than a criminal prosecution. He wants to see less marijuana cases clogging up the court system.

Some cases will still be prosecuted in accordance with the law, though.