Monday , June 14 2021
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Wisconsin Governor Supports Marijuana Decriminalization

Medical Cannabis

Governor Evers has introduced a proposal that would decriminalize marijuana in Wisconsin. He’s also hoping to legalize medical marijuana. As a cancer survivor himself, Evers sees the need for access to medical marijuana for those that need it.

The current penalty in Wisconsin for marijuana possession is up to 6-months in jail and up to $1,000 in fines, the CT Post reports. Penalties increase for continuing offenses. If decriminalization efforts become law, Wisconsin adults could possess up to 25 grams without facing criminal charges.

Evers said, “People shouldn’t be treated as criminals for accessing a desperately needed medicine that can alleviate their suffering.”

Local jurisdictions would be prohibited from establishing independent ordinances that are not in line with state law – meaning a city couldn’t create its own ordinance to say that marijuana possession up to 25 grams is illegal in their city.

This follows what voters in 16 areas of the state said in November elections – they support medical marijuana legalization and decriminalization.

If this legislation takes effect, it would be a huge step forward for Wisconsin.