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Gov. Evers Seeks to Decriminalize Marijuana and Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Governor Tony Evers is taking a different approach to marijuana law reform in Wisconsin. In the state budget proposal, he’s included to decriminalize marijuana possession statewide and legalize medical marijuana. This would drastically improve the state’s currently limited medical marijuana program where only CBD is legal.

Regulating medical marijuana in Wisconsin is what residents want, and is a crucial step in moving forward with change, WUWM Radio says.  Possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana would be decriminalized, with fines removed. No jail time would be given to those possessing the small amount of marijuana.

Regarding the plan for reform, Rob Henken of Wisconsin Policy Reform said, “The first is to have a full-fledged, medicinal marijuana program. So, to the extent that individuals with certain health conditions, upon advice of their doctor, want to use marijuana as a treatment or as a pain reliever — or whatever the therapeutic medicinal purpose is — they would be able to register with the state of Wisconsin and would be able to purchase and use marijuana legally. The second is that there’s a provision in there to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, and so that would be new and different as well.”

While it remains unknown how hot the debate will be regarding these budget inclusions, the answers from voters submitted in referendum questions is clear – Wisconsin residents want legal medical marijuana. Many areas also showed support for legal recreational marijuana – but medical marijuana is likely to come first.