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Wisconsin Law Enforcement Opposes Hemp Bill

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Wisconsin law enforcement officials disagree with the THC provision within the state’s proposed hemp bill. The hemp bill is designed to help the state’s farmers and retailers. Law enforcement officials are unhappy with the law allowing for a trace amount of THC (0.3% or less) being permissible and preventing consumers from being charged with OWI charges.

Law enforcement would support the hemp bill if the included THC provision was removed, Fox 6 Now News says. During the public hearing, it wasn’t determined if that THC provision would remain or be removed. Senate Bill 188 is intended to clear up the state’s hemp law and define the language, regulations and provisions better.

Law enforcement officials seem to think that 0.3% THC is going to make someone incapable of operating a vehicle or impairs them.

Bernie Coughlin of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association said, “It wouldn’t matter how that THC was ingested, whether that be through legalizing hemp, through the use of medical marijuana or through the use of illegal marijuana use.”

Senator Lena Taylor said, “The main reasons for us to do this differently, outside of doing it with the feds, aligning with the feds, is because I didn’t want us to have any loopholes in there for our farmers to end up being criminalized because they have a hot crop.”